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Nostalgic Nibbles

Treat yourself to sweet nostalgia with Nostalgic Nibbles monthly subscription box packed with your favorite old-fashioned candies

Each Nostalgic Nibbles box delivers a rotating assortment of the retro sweets you remember from childhood. From old-school gum and mints to vintage chocolate and fruity chews, we find candies that have stood the test of time. Take a monthly trip down memory lane with surprise treats you haven’t enjoyed in ages.

For $35/month

Nostalgic Nibbles includes 8-12 full-size candy products in each monthly box, often with options you can’t find in stores anymore. Discover oldies like Bottle Caps, Pop Rocks, Lip Smackers, Red Hots, Candy Buttons, Wax Lips, Razzles, Zotz, and other surprises. It’s always a delicious blast from the past!