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Zotz Watermelon 8.1 oz. bag



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Zotz Watermelon 8.1 oz. bag: The Fizzy Candy That Will Pucker Your Lips!

Zotz Watermelon 8.1 oz. bag is a delicious and sour candy that is perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages. Each hard candy is filled with a fizzy watermelon powder that is sure to pucker your lips.

Zotz Watermelon hard candies are made with real fruit juice, giving them a natural and delicious watermelon flavor. The fizzy powder adds a unique and exciting element to the candy, making it a great choice for parties and other gatherings.

Zotz Watermelon hard candies are the perfect candy for people who love sour candy. They’re also a great way to cool off on a hot day.


  • Delicious and sour candy
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • Natural and delicious watermelon flavor
  • Fun and exciting fizzy powder
  • Perfect for sour candy lovers
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